Trendy merch with a pop culture touch for everyone.

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Baddie With A Fatty Hoodie

Make a bold statement with a fun and hoodie. Available in many colors!

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It's Giving Mind Your Business Tote

Make a statement to the haters with this fun tote. You know you want to check these haters. Buy it now.

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Trendy Pop Alley is partnered with a Print on Demand company, as all products are NOT already printed or emblemed and ready to ship out next day after order placement. It takes time for fulfillment before shipping out products. Please be patient with your order if you placed an order. :)

How long does fulfillment take?

Fulfillment on products take 2-5 business days before shipment.

How long does shipment take?

Standard shipment takes 3-5 business days after processing and fulfillment time because it is print on demand.

Can I cancel my order?

Only if the order is not fulfilled within the first 2 business days.

What if my item has a defect?

You have 30 days after the order is received to submit a request and we will take it from there on if you want to exchange or refund.

What payments are accepted?

We accept credit, debit, ShopPay, PayPal and GooglePay.